XI Ruhnu Violin Camp 

The application period to the camp is 15.-25.04.24.
The application form (EST/ENG) can be found HERE.


A decade ago, the Ruhnu Violin Camp was established with the heartfelt goal of reviving the island's musical heritage. Over the years, it has become one of the most eagerly awaited events on this small Estonian island, a true delight for both violin enthusiasts and the local community. The camp not only places a strong emphasis on preserving Ruhnu's traditional music but also goes a step further by inviting world-class folk musicians to the island, offering a truly exceptional and diverse musical experience.

The organizers' unwavering dedication to preserving the island's cultural heritage also bore fruit with the establishment of the band "Sounds and Stories from Ruhnu Island" four years ago. This band has played a pivotal role in advancing the mission to revive and celebrate the distinctive cultural heritage of Ruhnu Island through their mesmerizing music and captivating narratives.


The leaders of the camp are violinists Karoliina Kreintaal and Lee Taul and traditional musician Kairi Leivo. This year's guest teachers are Eyal El Wahab, Lotan Yaish and Galor Yefet, members of the world-famous band El Khat, who performed at last year's Viljandi traditional music festival. Musicians from Israel focus on introducing Yemeni-Jewish music and culture. At the initiative of Eyal El Wahab everybody will also build their own instruments, as a large part of the Yemeni-Jewish instruments of the last century were built from the tools at hand, hence the unique sound of this music.


We accept musicians from the age of 12 to the camp (instrument playing level is not the most important here, and you can also participate with other chromatic instruments). Number of participants in the camp: 25 people. Participation in the camp is free for locals (except meals). Applications are open until 15.04-25.04 (included) We will send the answers on May 5th at the latest.


Accommodation is on the floors of the school building. Those who want more private accommodation can camp in the school area or book a stay in one of the tourist farms (the camp will not cover your extra costs). We need the contribution of all participants to the maintenance of the premises and help in the kitchen.   


The participation fee for the camp is 275 € plus ferry tickets (20 € for students, 40 € for adults). The participation fee includes workshops, accommodation, meals and local transport. The organizers are not responsible for the mainland transportation.

The ferry to the island will leave at 18.00 on June 28th from Pärnu harbour
The return ferry leaves at 14.00 on June 5th.
The boat trip to Ruhnu will take 3h 15 m.


Immediately after the violin camp, the Estonian-Swedish V song and dance party will take place in Haapsalu Bishop's Castle on 6th of July.  All Ruhnu violin camp participants are kindly invited to take part in the song party, and participation is, of course, strictly voluntary. We can participate in the procession, sing in the big choir and play for the dance at the dance night. The Song festival team offers us transport from Pärnu to Haapsalu, mat accommodation and one free lunch on the day of the performance.
If you want to participate in the song party with us, you can also consider the dates: 05.-06. July. Participation in the song party is at your own expense and fees, other meals are not covered by the violin camp.

All people living in Ruhnu at any age are also welcome to the camp, for whom participation in the workshops is free. (except meals) We ask all those who are interested to also fill out the form.

Additional information: ruhnumusic@gmail.com

The camp is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Culture Endownment of Estonai, Ruhnu municipality and school and Estonian Union of Music Schools.

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